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Every solution is customized to fit your business goals.

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  • Export/Import Strategy
    Development & Implementation

    Overseas Strategies draws on years of experience in international trade training to develop and implement U.S. companies’ export strategy.  We work with companies through three phases: market research and selection, market preparation and market penetration.  Work with us to find new markets globally and increase sales significantly.

  • International/Domestic
    Business Partner Searches

    Overseas Strategies has a proven business matchmaking process, guaranteed to provide companies with a solid return on their investment. We use our international marketing expertise and solid base of Chicago and U.S. contacts to ensure that companies accepted into the program have a successful business trip leading to solid business contacts and measureable growth in the U.S. market.

  • Trade Mission Management
    Domestic and International

    Overseas Strategies will manage the overall agenda for your trade mission during your entire stay in Chicago or in the United States. We have specific experience working with governments, Chambers of Commerce and Trade & Investment Promotion Agencies. We have developed an in depth process that guarantees a successful mission from the organizing entity’s perspective as well as the trade mission participants.

  • International Political and
    Diplomatic Event Planning

    At Overseas Strategies, we understand that political and diplomatic events require understanding of proper protocol, sufficient advancement and extreme attention detail. We will manage all aspects of your international event including venue selection, sponsorship recruitment, invitation development, audience selection and on-site program management.

  • Cut the “Red Tape”
    Local Incentives

    Companies who seek to incorporate and do business in the United States, sometimes need extra help navigating government and legal systems. Overseas Strategies will help you with incorporation, local incentives and other programs.

  • Grant Drafting and

    At Overseas Strategies, our multidisciplinary team can assist our clients in a full range of activities related to developing and preparing a successful grant application, including strategic analysis of grant requirements and criteria, drafting, advising on grant project development, and developing strategic communication plans.

  • Incorporate Your
    Company Properly

    At Overseas Strategies, our experts can help your business incorporate an entity and identify various options for business structure types to which will best fit your goals.

  • Marketing Plan
    Branding Initiatives

    Overseas Strategies offers high quality marketing, branding and content strategy services that bring results. We work with a network of designers and developers, working closely with them to create attractive logo designs, website designs, brochures, campaigns, sales and marketing materials – all to create a brand that resonates with your marketing strategy and your clients.